Docker image location?

I managed to configure Docker and docker-compose (first one installed from the official repository, and compose run as docker container). It works fine, and I have all my configs set on the attached exteral drive (remount with exec).
The problem is, that if I see this correctly, all the image pulls are stored on internal storage, which in my case is a 16 GB eMMC. Space run out fast.

What is the path of docker images on CoreElec and can that be changed somehow to the external drive?

Odroid N2 4GB, Coreelec latest, and 4TB external WD RED via USB 3.

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Keep investigating, in CoreELEC you can do many things because it is an open system but it is easier to buy a device with 64GB/128GB. The default docker addon is installed in /storage/.kodi that is to say in the internal memory. Additional services or applications are also installed in the internal memory. However, it is possible to configure each of the additional services or applications to use and store the operating data on the hard disk.

My advice, take an SFTP file explorer and research all the CoreELEC directories, you will learn a lot.

You can also try installing CoreELEC on the hard drive, it is easy and you will go from having 16GB to having 4TB.

You could install CE on an SD Card.

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