Does anyone know the performance of the Odroid N2 2gb vs 4gb running kodi?

Does anyone know the performance of the Odroid N2 2gb vs 4gb running kodi?

Does the Odroid N2 need the USB wifi antenna or there is an on board that works?

Kodi running on micro SD vs emmc is there a noticeable difference?

Which wireless keyboard remote works out of the box with Coreelec?

Can the Odroid run voice commands remote?

I don’t have a 2gb N2 yet so I can’t give a definitive answer, however performance should be identical between the two for average usage. If you start running other services on the device in addition to basic kodi usage you may need the 4gb, however I have not seen any usage yet where it would be guaranteed you would need the 4gb model over the 2gb model.

The N2 does not have onboard WIFI so you will need a USB WIFI adapter. If you are interested in a fairly fast reasonably priced and well supported WIFI module the wifi module 5 from hardkernel is a good choice. Though there are plenty of other options depending on what you WIFI requirements are. Just make sure to check if an adapter is supported before buying.

As for micro SD vs eMMC, there is a bit of a noticeable difference if you compare side by side especially with larger libraries. However if you are on a budget, a reasonable quality micro SD card will perform quite well for CoreELEC on the N2. If you get an eMMC module I would suggest getting the USB 3.0 eMMC module writer or the cheaper eMMC to microsd adapter to go with it. While you may not use it often it is very handy to have since it allows you to read/write directly to the eMMC module with your computer.

I don’t use the small keyboard style remotes, so maybe somebody else can give you a recommendation there. I tend to use and can recommend both the Harmony 350 IR remote. I also use the the Logitech Wireless Touch Keyboard K400 Plus but you may find that really bulky since it’s closer to being a full size keyboard.

Yes the newer C10/U1 SD cards are pretty fast, close to eMMC speed. I’m using an eMMC, but that’s more preference than speed advantage, would rather have the SD slot available for future use.

I’m not sure on out of the box remote support, but I think setting up the remote manually is a requirement. You’ll want to manually add your IR remote codes to CE anyway. Not terribly hard to do and it’s nice because you can get remote buttons working exactly how you want. Plus it gives you the option to use any IR remote you like.

In my case I’m using a universal IR remote that handles my whole entertainment system, hate having to use more than one. A keyboard remote can be handy, but I find a basic remote fits the bill for me. If needed you can pop in a USB Mouse and/or keyboard and they’ll work without rebooting. Have to do that on setup anyway to enable SSH and get the remote working.

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