Does CE support Bluetooth HWA protocol?

HD Bluetooth protocol,LDAC or AAC, aptx, ldac,HWA.
CE can support sbc, and some USB Bluetooth adapter only 3$ and it can support aptx protocal, so ,CE can support it?

I’ve not heard of LHAC.

Do you mean LDAC?

LDAC come from sony,96khz/24bit, max 990kbps.
lhac come from huawei, 96khz/24bit, max 900kbps.

Googling LHAC reveals nothing for me.

Do you have a site link that specifically references it?

sory for some mistake. LHAC may be HWA.[Hi-Res-Audio]Huawei-and-Hi-Res-Wireless-Audio-(HWA)/topicId_7036/

Are you specifically asking if there is support for HWA technology devices ??

only aptx protocal USB Bluetooth adapter be found, and Few headsets support the hwa protocol.