Does CoreElec/ Kodi 18 need maintenance?

Didn’t see this addressed in pinned articles.

So do we need any weekly or monthly maintenance on S905 boxes to clean out cache in case there are low speed /buffering or other issues?

What WiFi vs Ethernet speeds are good for 720/1080p streaming for live TV?

Does CE/K18 have any auto maintenance features?

I’ve never felt the need to do any maintenance unless something stops working on my Le Potato board.

In my experience CoreELEC is extremely stable and reliable and doesn’t require maintenance. I have several boxes placed with relatives who use them as as IPTV client devices for Zattoo. I only support them every now and then with system and addon updates. In the interim time all automatic updates are turned off. I feel that in my use case manual updates gives me better control on when changes take place and I don’t risk receiving a call from one of my relatives late in the evening that their TV no longer works. To be clear: this is not because of CoreELEC. It is simply because Kodi supports a myriad of addons and in the very rare case updated addons have in the past sometimes lead to compatibility issues. It also has to be said however that any issues are usually very quickly resolved and that the dedication of the developers to their software is simply amazing. After initial reliability issues with WiFi all boxes are now on wired connections or bridged with an external WiFi bridge. In my experience CoreELEC has been very well received by consumers who ‘just want to watch TV’ and not be bothered with computers.

I think nothing is necessary. But I’ve set up a cron job to clean up texture cache. See

Almost any speed will do. My kodi server is streaming 1080p to one client with about 150kBytes/sec.
But remember that all client throughputs add up on the server side. I have connected the server with gigabit ethernet while clients are connected with ethernet or wlan at different speeds.

I don’t know if this will answer to the above question. That said, there is an add-on package called Indigo from TVAddons repo that has a setting for weekly auto maintenance. It seems to work pretty well, AFAICT.