Does Emby work with Coreelec?

I have a Windows Emby server and did not see anything in the Coreelec repository can Emby be used with Coreelec and if so what is required to work off a windows server?



Yes, Emby works with CoreELEC. I’m running media from a Linux Emby server with little problem. You need to install the Emby repository:

From there, you can install either EmbyCon, Emby for Kodi or Embuary.

EmbyCon is simply a browser that allows you to see your Emby library.
Emby for Kodi offers a more seamless integration, using your Emby server as a media source for Kodi.
Embuary is an Emby-centric skin for Kodi and integrates EmbyCon and several other helper add ons to morph Kodi into something that looks like Emby’s native interface (but still retains other advantages of Kodi).

Thank you Zang, I was not aware of Embuary skin, but reading your reply, got me to looking. I have been using Emby addon on my CoreELEC boxes, but never tried that skin… Now I will test that skin.

Here is the video I found that used that skin.