Does HDHomerun Quatro Tuner work with C4?

Does HDHomerun Quatro Tuner work with Odroid C4? I’d be using the Tvheadend server add-on. I’ve seen posts that imply it does but haven’t found anything explicitly stating it does.

Hdhomerun will appear as a satip quadtuner in tvh server. I have a hdhomerun expand.

Do you see any reason that the Expand would work but the Quatro wouldn’t?
Since they are both 4 tuners over LAN it seems the Quatro should work. I know it worked on a S905W box I tried.

That’s not what I meant. And it will work independently of the device. It’s tvheadend doing the work.

That makes sense but the reason I asked is I posted a question on the Odroid forum and was told I need to make sure there was driver support:
“The tuner card needs to have Kernel drivers, so the OS even recognize that there is a hardware connected.
Each tuner has it’s own drivers and these need to be activated inside the Kernel.”

I’m using HDHR with my N2 and have found the best way to set it up is as an IPTV Network and therefore you don’t use the drivers in CE.

Edit: See here.

Adding it as satip tuners in tvheadend doesn’t use drivers in CE. You add it as dvb-t or dvb-c tuners.

In my case it would be an ATSC tuner.

Best to setup as IPTV (satip tuners) so not to use the CE drivers.

I use the expand (with another backend) and found this device is really versitale. Lots of ways to incorporate this in your setup.
Never regretted getting this one and an important reason for a network device is you don’t have to mess with drivers too much :slightly_smiling_face:

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