Does Odroid n2+ still worth?

I always used to mount coreelec on a chinese tv box, and now I wonder if it still being cool to buy an odroid n2+, given the price (around 140€) and the release time or its interesting wait for further hardware and continue with my x96 air, just for stream and movies.

Thank for helping!!

I have two daily drivers, N2 without + and N2+ because I don´t waste my time with this cheap chinese boxes.

Thanks for answering!!

The point its now I got one working, and I mean if it worth improving.


What are You missing ?
Do You want to play around with docker, entware etc. ? and use a little box like any personal computer ???
Yeah, some people want to do this, spending so much time …

Good luck

Just coreelec, as streamer player and other streaming options

C4 will do that perfectly fine

Have Coreelec 19.5 running smoothly on my Odroid C4 with 4K movies as well as old gen emulators with roms - NES and SNES. Passively cooled and no heating issues.

Havent been able to try Playstation 2 or N64 emulators as there are no binaries for respective emulators for AmLogic devices that I know of yet.

N64 is available with emuelec.

Sorry, I meant Gamecube and Wii (which dolphin emulates). In fact I was using Kodi’s default retroplayer until today. I switched over to RetroArch, which is available via a script and runs great as well.

To answer your original question: yes.
I have both C4 and N2(+). Excellent, and i think it will be supported in the future. As far as I can tell the ‘ne’ devolpment is still in the air for these, bit i can’t really imagine support ending completely.

Thanks for answering. It helps. :+1:

I’m thinking about dumping my N2+ for a Radxa Rock 5B which is about 4 times as powerful as the N2, problem is that I’ll have to wait for Libereelec to develop a version for it.

It’s up to you to chose between a fully working media center or “something else”. I think there will be a version soon™

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For me personally, ‘more powerful’ means a lesser fit, because CE does not need more power so less is more on these always-on devices :wink:

Why ?
The N2 has enough power to run KODI mediacenter.

That looks a decent board and good price, faster memory gives it a 10 to 20% performance boost so I’m guessing won’t work straight away with coreelec but I’m sure it won’t take long to adjust.

Edit: I’m guessing this is what was vaguely referred to above so maybe it’s already being worked on.

No network connectivity on the N2L - no on-board WiFi or Ethernet - so you’re in the realms of USB WiFi or network adapters.

Ah didn’t notice that, shame as would make a good board where you don’t need too many inputs. Maybe a coreelec version with ethernet, couldn’t add that much cost and I seem to remember another coreelec odroid in the past.

I think the reason that the N2L exists is that it meets the needs of B2B customers that Hardkernel has (and they are likely to be a bigger market than Kodi buyers). They are just marketing it to consumers as well, as it’s a product they have designed.

There wouldn’t be much difference between an N2L with Ethernet and an N2+ I guess - just fewer USB ports?

N2L will not be supported by CE as we declined. For a media center it’s quite useless without a network connection.