Does this Android box support CoreElec?

edit - also want to ask about Magicsee N6 Plus, which is S922x based. Seems fairly new.
I only see info about N5 plus here and on google search.

In my short time learning about this stuff I already realized there can be lot variables with all these brands so best to ask.

Box is YAGALA X3 Android Box 4GB DDR3 32GB eMMC Amlogic S905X3

It is very hard for newcomer like me to know this. What is actual difference between all these Chinese brands? Is it same hw just rebranded if so should the standard s905x3 image work? But then again there are custom dtb for the popular brands even if using same SoC so its confusing.

It has all the hallmarks as being a re-branded or clone of the X88 Pro X3, so on paper it could be.

If you do a forum search for X88 Pro you may well see some relevant information.

YAGALA is very much a no name brand and could potentially have hardware inside that is different from that of other X88 Pro models, so be aware of that possibility.

As far as I know, the S905X2 and S905X3 dtb’s are pretty generic and should work with the majority of devices with a S905X2 or S905X3 SoC. The only way to know for sure is to try booting CE-ng from Micro SD Card or USB Flash Drive.

I even have a Turewell F2 S905X2 that runs happily with the “wrong” S905X3.dtb. This I found out by accident when using the “wrong” dtb.img. Even an oops can be informative. Of course, as usual, ymmv.

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