Dolby AC4 audio codec

This may be more of a Kodi issue, than a CoreELEC issue.

Now that the ATSC 3 TV broadcast standard, is being implemented in the United States and in a couple of other countries, they have selected Dolby AC 4 as the audio codec that will be streaming.

Is there any future plans to be able to use that audio codec using the PVR add-on?

Right now when I tune an ATSC 3 channel, I have a great video but obviously no audio, since that audio codec is not supported at this time.

Kodi Team told me when ffmpeg supports it they should. The current unofficial patch used by Emby has been dropped and will not be support so it doesn’t look like that will be anytime soon. That doesn’t mean that CE will support it as I don’t know any open Amlogic devices that play AC-4 even in Android.

Except for a few local broadcasts the video on current ATSC 3.0 is the same quality, it has just been converted to HEVC, placebo effect.

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