Dolby Vision for Minix U22X-J (Max) and Ugoos AM6+



Move down till you see enable/disable

Reboot apply changes

How many items do you have in your plex library? Maybe the add-ons aren’t as performant as native plex clients.

Hi I’m using tv remote (lg magic) to control CE via CEaC. However option menu (long press select) does nothing, is there a way to include this like mapping buttons?

I don’t see that option. (Enable-disable)

Hi all

Ok just wanted to ask I have Minix U22X-J (Max) and would like to know do you think any other device will ever get this DV like these two devices now as I am trying to decided if I should buy another Minix U22X-J (Max) before their all gone as you never k ow the device might brake and then your back to square one.

Do you think the Ugoos AM6+ will be coming to an end like the minix.

Just deciding if I should get another for backup if the next version will not have the dev support like this device.



My case is different, I have posted about it here: Strange buffering/caching problems on Ugoos AM6b+

I did not post here because locally the file plays perfectly, seeking back and forth. On the other hand, I see that behavior just with P5 files. No problem with P7 or P8 or HDR10 files, even huge remuxes…

Just disable all buttons, and the rest set all to “None”. This will disable CEC completely. Wait a couple of seconds and then reboot to take effect.

From the top move down 10 places

Right below Remote button press delay before…

Should see



What settings did you use for IR Protocol? The box comes with NEC as default but I don’t think that’s what Harmonys are using (my Harmony is a 555 model).

I also found Microsoft Media Center PC (Windows Media Center (EU)) in the Harmony database. Is that the one you refer to?

I have ~500 movies and ~100 TV Shows, totaling at ~30TiB. So not a super large library. I’m guessing you’re right that the plex addons just can’t handle a larger library. Currently trying to connect via SFTP to see if that helps.

I have a bigger collection and PKC works fine for me, I do have direct paths on though.

I have a 300tb library and use PM4K just fine on am6b+. Definitely not library size issue.

Lightning quick on hs400 and far better than official Plex client on Android Nvidia shield pro.

No way to diagnose what’s going on based on the general info you supplied. Try not using Plex at all, just use native Kodi player and see if that helps.

Kodi in general but today I’ve installed a new ugoos box, same model, and this one is definitely faster. So you may have a point concerning some hardware differences…

edit: scratch that, I found the culprit for that difference, the hdd I’m using in one of the boxes is really old and it was plugged by usb 2.0 and not 3.0, as the faster one is.

Yes, Windows Media Center. Additionally, for turning on I’ve thought it the power IR command from the original Ugoos and for turning off I’ve just added to the routine the Zidoo Z9X. It’s all perfectly, so far.

I dare re-asking the following.

What settings did you use for IR Protocol? The box comes with NEC as default but I don’t think that’s what Harmonys are using (my Harmony is a 555 model).

In short, you added Windows Media Center to Harmony, as a device. What else did you need to do on the Ugoos? Because I don’t think it’s working for me… :-/

I’m using an Harmony Elite. I did absolutely nothing on the Ugoos, just turned off the bluetooth function of the box. I did a Harmony routine that includes my tv, avr, windows media center and zidoo z9x. Why the Zidoo? Because when I turn off the routine, the off from the Zidoo turns off the Ugoos. To turn on, the Zidoo command doesn’t work so I had to teach Harmony the IR power command from the original Ugoos remote. I’m not sure if you’re able to teach IR commands with the 555 model but with the hub based Harmony you can.

Yes, I can teach it IR commands, no problem.
You had to turn off Bluetooth otherwise IR was not working?
So you’re commanding the box through IR commands, correct? No bluetooth involved.

I’ve downloaded the offical kodi app from the playstore on the ugoos and i saw that i’m getting DV from an mkv file. Is this playing correct? Or is this some kind of fake?

Edit: the kodi app via playstore is much darker, so no FEL support like CE i think.

I’m using the box only with IR commands, correct. I’ve turned off bluetooth because I wasn’t using it, don’t know if it affects the IR.

The latest nightly 20240527 contains a buffering fix for Kodi. I’m wondering if any users having trouble with files playing over the network recheck them and see if there is any improvement.