Dolby Vision for Minix U22X-J (Max) and Ugoos AM6+

Someone have a Ugoos AM6+?

We did a lot of work in the past 3 weeks to try to get Dolby Vision support on Amlogic-ng like it’s on Amlogic-ne.

So someone please try out if Dolby Vision is now available on Ugoos AM6+ or Minix U22X-J (Max).

Use this test image and create a new clean install on a spare boot media to avoid any issues with current used installation.

FEL P7 is not supported like on NE, it will be converted to like 8.1.

If DV isn’t working please provide logs if requested.

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Can we test Beelink King Pro?

Testing now on Ugoos AM6B plus.
Dovi p8.1 woks flawlessly, audio Dolby Atmos True HD Ok in passtrough. Will test P5 and P7 and report.

Edit: Profile 5 ok. Problems with profile 7. Tried with default settings and the colors are very very bright and wrong . Tried with min.EL setting and also with lossless and got yellow or red screen.
HDR 10+ ok.
I use this device in android with @monsoons’ kodi build and it works perfectly with P7 engaging the 2 video decoders…
You are fantastic devs.


Beelink GT King Pro doesn’t have a Dolby Vision licenced soc. But you can test the build, it’s not “DV exclusive”

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Android uses the closed source mediacodec and awsome decoder. So we don’t know how to fix FEL at all. It’s a issue with the decoder maybe as the FEL frames fail to decode and block the stream at all.

Big thanks to the CE team for bringing the DolbyVision to S922X-J boxes with DV license :clap:
A few months ago we could not hope this would be possible.

We can’t be sure what the future brings, maybe one day even solution for decoding of FEL :slight_smile:

great job! niubi! I’ll try later

I removed the download as some other issues with GXL did appear.

Any hope for the future? Your CE works really well with profile 5, 8,1, HDR10+ and HDR HLG. And all the audio HD codecs in passtrough. I can test any new build.

But then how can it work on Android?
Can you use the old 32-bit dovi.ko?

By switching project Amlogic-ng to ARCH arm, yes.

So it’s not only the dovi.ko kernel module that is dependent on FEL handling.

As I have written above it’s a decoder issue what we don’t know how to solve.
It start playing FEL but stop after some FEL frames as the decode failed.
When override the error handling of the decoder it continue playback but ~50% of the FEL frames are just garbage.

No idea how to solve it.

Do you plan to auto-update Amlogic-ng-dv version published in Release 21.0-Omega_alpha1 · CoreELEC/CoreELEC · GitHub as a separated branch or you plan to merge it eventually with the generic Amlogic-ng ?
Can Ugoos/Minix developers help somehow with the FEL decoder issue? Should we(as customers) push them to help you?

In future Amlogic-ng-dv will update with Amlogic-ng-dv. Amlogic-ng will stay on Amlogic-ng.
The devices aren’t compatible so do not switch between them. Basically it’s 100% same, except Amlogic-ng-dv does include Dolby Vision items. The Amlogic-ng-dv will not be merged in Amlogic-ng as not all devices are compatible with ARCH arm. That’s why it is split into separate devices.

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Not sure if i should post this here, but i couldn’t make work the amremote (IR) on Am6b plus, the bluetooth is not re-enabling after restart. It is technically enabled under services, but it says that bluetooth is disabled or bluetooth adapter is not found.
After turning off and on manually it works again, but it did not reconnect to the remote for me.
So far the movie playing works fine :slight_smile:

Thanks for the version!

which device tree should be used for AM6+ (non B)?
With g12b_s922x_ugoos_am6b.dtb the Ugoos AM6+ is stuck on boot.

Device-tree g12b_s922x_ugoos_am6.dtb from non dv-Image CoreELEC-Amlogic-ng.arm-21.0-Omega_alpha1-Generic.img.gz the image boots with “WARNING: Your device-tree is out-of-date!”

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I fear I have been rash … I bought a Ugoos AM6B Plus 2021 from ugoos .store.

I checked them out on a fair few security sites, and they looked OK. But it only just dawned on me that it’s not mentioned on ugoos .com … That said, they do have a number of disparate sites … so hopefully it’s OK!

Either way, I’ll be more than happy to test anything that you like if/when it arrives.

Also, Hi, @Portisch ! Long time no speaky.

I’ve been away for a bit, I thought CoreELEC wasn’t based on Android, so is the DV version separate? Or have I been a slow boy and missed some key updates!

((( i stopped using my odroid a while back since everything i ripped was in dolby vision )))

regardless of the type of processor, Is there a difference in the final result Dolby Vision support between " Amlogic-ng-dv" and " Amlogic-ne"?

Well, different processors will have different ways of being interacted with. So, theoretically as long as the capabilities are the same for processors, then getting whatever is needed out of them is a matter of having the people that can push out the code.

If that sounds vague, it’s because I don’t really know the full ins and outs of all of this stuff. But I’d think that the above is going to mean that some chips will get featuresets a lot later.

Look how long it took the pi4 to finally be able to handle HDR films, and that has the largest pool of amateur/pro coders out there poking away at it!