Dolby Vision runs with green screen on odroid n2+

Hi everyone,

My first post here so sorry if it’s a known issue but when streaming any 4k dolby vision content i get a video and sound but color is all messed up with green tint.


  • Odroid n2+
  • certified 2.1 HDMI cable
  • tv with Dolby vision full support (tested on Netflix)
  • Kodi 19.2.0 but had the same issue with prev versions

Is there any fix for that ?


Welcome to the CE forums. :slightly_smiling_face:

To answer your question, DV isn’t supported in CoreELEC. It may never be. Here’s a link to the DV thread if you want more context as to why:

The answer i was looking for . Thanks a lot !!

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also odroid n2+ is not a dolby vision capable device.

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