Dolby Vision - VS10 Engine on Ugoos AM6+

cannot destroy anything with those commands just need a computer with the tools mentioned and run the commands, it is a good learning exercise to find the tools and install and run, will pick up some good basic knowledge and can build from there, at this point would not worry about the complexity of the commands just getting some output is a good win, and then would have your own ability to check any STDL mkv if truly MEL or FEL.

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You can also open the Mkv with makemkv and it will show Mel or Fel in video attributes.



  • DV → HDR10, SDR10, SDR8 limited to profile 5 only.
  • Other DV profiles will play as DV no conversions (where possible).

Probably the last build I will share as the CE team are now picking up to integrate with the mainline so testing can switch there when a release is ready.

Thanks again to all those who have tested, @DMDReview thanks for all your detailed analysis really helped to underpin the usefulness in particular circumstances.


we have to THANK YOU!!!

very thrilled to see it in the mainline sometime.

exceptional speed and commitment I’m sure it will rock!!

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Is there anything i can do no vs10 is working-black screen always but normal dv play fine.

I had the same with the Zidoo vs10. not able to figure it out.
not cables not chain not hdmi settings not avr not zidoo settings not TV settings…

maybe you have an oldskool lg 65oledb7 like me? edid was checked by someone from there and looked good but maybe the tv cannot do it anyway?

just a guess…

If not already make sure you are trying below 2160p 60Hz as I guess your TV’s DV version cannot handle that, but would assume you have tried lots of different material in the original VIC so probably a long shot.

I took the decision to build out all the options I could think of for this VS10 POC, the CE team are taking a different approach and that I think that will use AMLogics “automatic” application of VS10 according to the TV’s ability - outside chance that may help here maybe something your TV’s DV cannot do it knows about, so I think you should be able to try again in a few days with a CE build.


“ so I think you should be able to try again in a few days with a CE build.”

Whoa, so you think this will start rolling out in the nightlies that soon? I’m continually amazed at how fast everything with CoreElec keeps happening. Amazing!

Thanks again for your work on this!

I tried 1080/30 but same. Funny thing is it’s working up to this build:CoreELEC-Amlogic-ng.arm-21.0-Omega_devel_20240428131542.
Thanks for trying to help, really appreciate it & will wait to see if mainline ce build will fix it.

Hi btw how do i contact you privately, thanks. Do i need special privilege to contact someone via pm(private message) here?

Thanks, i will check it

Have been running the VS10 builds full time for past week or two on all SDR and HDR content to DV. Very stable and preferable to Zidoo VS10 to my eyes.


What are your dv settings, i keep getting black screen when i use vs10 on an lgc6(old so might be the tv).

GUI is 1080p and 120Hz. TV-led DV.
Color depth and color subsampling both set to auto
All SDR and HDR formats set to Dolby Vision in VS10 settings


I Believe C6 can only do Dolby Vision at 23.967 you will need to force this refresh rate for GUI and every file format if using VS10 to stop black screens., you may also need to force a certain chroma value also.

I’ve been running VS10 build fine on my LGC9 also, I wish there could be a switch for the SDR setting so I could use Coreelec for TV Headend also, something like this:

-VS10 for SDR – 23/24hz only.

This would enable me to apply VS10 to HD Movie files but not to TV channels which are usually 25/50hz.

I checked this version, it doesn’t work on HDR TV as I wanted. player-led mode is missing and dv on hdr tries to output as tv-led. i.e. it loses all the logic that we wanted to achieve. I will try the version with edid.

It needs a Dolby VSVDB in the EDID for Player Led to be available.
Can load a EDID with one and restart kodi to make the setting available, though better to test with the version on the other thread in that case.

For that I am interested first on a TV with DV the difference between LLVD (Player Led) and using the new LLDV (Player Led + Output as HDR for Player Led), i.e. any difference in quality.

For the VS10 and DV maybe better to now wait for the CE team and what they make work / available and build from there.

Ultimately if loading a EDID with VSVDB quality is good then probably better to use that for HDR mapping as I think issues with the RPU still with VS10 which I think cannot solve.

Im test this version couple days.
The hdr10 to dv perfect for me.
The sdr to dv its 90% good too, but for some movie littlebit too bright.
But I really like, to we have choice to choose these options.

Thank you

No me, at least for HDR 30p. v9 gives me black screen & inability to do anything with this 30p 4K HDR clip. Must physically unplug and plug Ugoos back in to get back to CE.