Don't automatically change Source to KODI when TV turns on

Hello friends.
I am running CoreELEC 19.2 with Odroid N2+ and the Samsung UE46F6500
I was wondering if it is possible to do following.
When i start kodi it “overtakes” the current source, means it switches to its HDMI Port. This is not what i want. I want it to start, report to CEC bus that it is acitve but it shouldn’t change the source. At the moment i have setup at CEC options: when TV ist off: do nothing. This way Kodi is always online and I don’t have the problem that it switches the output. Do you have any ideas? And if it is not possible, maybe it also is possible to prevent kodi from booting when TV ist on to force me to turn it on by the kodi remote? Any advice will be appreciated.

Within the CEC options, you have one ‘Switch source to this device on startup’.

Switching that off should prevent the source being changed.

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