Dreambox Two (S922x) support?

Apparently this box is coming next month, after long period off announcement, in specification stay Coreelec support ( booting from sd card ) , ammong other things
Question for CE team, is that true, any contact from Dream Multimedia ?

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I have read some people where able to boot CE on DreamboxOne, no idea about DreamboxTwo.
Team CoreELEC do not own any hardware from Dreambox so I guess you will need to work this out by yourself.

Thanks for prompt answer

I dont own Dreambox Two, this question was for informational purposes


Will CELEC be certain in this box?

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There is one group that seem to have taken CoreELEC code and made builds for the Dreambox One including tuner support. I asked on forums and I PM’d for source code and for cooperation and I never got any answer besides the person wanting to think about it.

So the straight answer is no. It will not be supported unless the source code is released.



Dear Ray my friend; What do you mean by open-source code?
So, what codes do you want?

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Our code. Linux, CoreELEC + other changes to drivers.

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On a side note, we also asked the vendor, if their developers would work together with us to add official Dreambox Two support to CoreELEC and we never received an answer…not even a friendly “no”.

Maybe the postman did not ring twice :slight_smile:

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