DS controller patch

From the libretro forums:

Support for DS controllers in amlogic, the kernel needs to be at least v3.15 to get rid of the blinking LEDs and to have force feedback.

The patch here enables the missing features.

Is it possible to port this patch into the CE kernel? It looks like the kernel itself wont be updated in the forseeable future

I don’t know if anyone of the devs has a controller to test this, but it doesn’t look like a trivial backport, there are some other differences between the two versions.
It’s probably do-able, but I can’t say whether it would introduce unwanted regressions.

Edit: On a second look it doesn’t seem to be as problematic as I thought. I’ll talk to the team about this, and we’ll see if it gets added.

Edit2: On a closer inspection, this change requires API not implemented in 3.14 kernel, so backporting it wouldn’t be as straightforward as I thought. I wouldn’t be too optimistic about it, maybe part of the patch could be applied without a problem.

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How do you have your controller connected, USB or over BT?

Either bluetooth or USB, but bluetooth is preferred. The LEDs and feedback dont work in either as far as I can tell.

Upgrade to 8.95.0, we pushed a massive update for the HID Sony devices to bring it up to speed with the latest development.

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Did 8.95.0 fix the problem?