DTB - File Description Explained

I just looked through “which dtb do I use post” adamg opened (thank you) and noticed that I am using the wrong DTB for my Abox A1 Max’s. I have been using this one (it seems to work) - gxl_p212_2g, but this is the one recommended - Abox A1 Max - 2G/16G - S905W- gxl_p281_2g_a95xr2.
What is the difference between gxl_p212 and gxl_p281?

The SoC in the Abox A1 Max is a S905W, codenamed GXL_P281. It’s similar to the S905X (GXL_P212), so that’s why it works. It possible that some things won’t work correctly, like Wifi or Ethernet.
The front display will definitely not work with the P212 DTB. Actually, the display is the reason for the box-specific DTB requirement (the _a95xr2 part).

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I decided to reinstall 8.90.2 CE si I could install the correct dtb. gxl_p281_2g_a95xr2 is not included in the list within CE. Do you know where I can find gxl_p281_2g_a95xr2?

In device_trees folder, along with the rest of them :wink:

I see the full list in gthub and they are labeled with a .dts file description. Would this just be renamed to .dtb? https://github.com/CoreELEC/device-trees-amlogic

Look in the root of your SD / USB for folder device_trees

I did look after writing the image to the sd card. There is no such dtb. I booted from 8.90.2.

Me too. It’s the one after gxl_p281_2g.dtb. I’m looking at it (gxl_p281_2g_a95xr2.dtb) right now in USB / SD /device_trees
34th item in the folder
That is what we’re talking about isn’t it?

It is. I formatted and rewrote the image for 8.90.2 and then opened the device tree folder. The last dtb on it is a P201 version. No second page on my screen, no p212. Back to the dts files from github, can I use the dts - rename dtb and use that? I checked the sd card on a second computer and same deal - nothing past p201.

If you are not showing 34 items in the /device_trees folder of your USB / SD then you need to download CoreELEC-S905.arm-8.90.2.img.gz as your copy seems to be corrupt

I did download the img again and sure enough all of the dtb files were on there. After that everything booted up properly.
I first tried the 8.90.0 LE image with this dtb (gxl_p281_2g_a95xr2.dtb) from the sd folder and it wouldn’t boot. So some strange things happening.