DTB for T95Z Plus 4gb/64gb[Rockchip]Unsupported

Hi there

I wonder if there is a DTB I can use for this? I ordered a 3gb/32gb version but they sent me a 4gb/64gb - Normally I would be quite happy about a free upgrade but, seeing as I need this for Coreelec, I am not sure that they have actually done me a favour…

I have a couple of the T95Z Plus boxes from various manufacturers and always use the gxm_q200_Xg dtb file… I don’t see a gxm_q200_4g though unfortunately.

Thanks in advance

Aaand it looks like I stitched myself up and bought the wrong thing - It seems to be a Rockchip RK3229 and Kodi in Android will only operate at 720p…

Chalk it up to experience and buy another one I guess… :grimacing: