DTS HD MA not passing through but TrueHD fine

Hello, ever since the latest update, passthrough of DTS HD MA isn’t working anymore, Dolby TrueHD is fine but it’s only the MA. I’m running CoreELEC on my Odroid N2 and didn’t have any passthrough issues in the previous version. When I turn off “DTS-HD capable receiver” it strips down to the core and plays DTS just fine. Just the MA is having issues. Also sometimes it works sometimes it won’t, if I stop playback and start again. But it doesn’t necessarily work all the time. I have my Odroid N2 connected directly to my Denon AVR and I’ve been passing through audio without any problems before. Anyway how to fix this or should I roll back to the previous version of CoreELEC? Thanks in advance

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Just checked with N2+ and DTS-HD MA is passed through to my Pioneer SC-LX801 correctly. Could be a setting or a specific problem with your amp and Kodi.

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Well that’s not possible since it was working before without any issues, it is very strange. Everything was working perfect before. Funny thing most of the content I have is on DTS HD MA, TrueHD not a lot. I’m gonna roll back to the previous version and gonna see if that’s gonna work.

Something interesting happened now, downgraded to the previous version but accidentally upgraded to the current version (yeah that happened). And DTS HD MA works now but only if I’m playing the movie from the beginning. When I skip the movie, receiver won’t detect signal and no sound. Not sure why this is happening at all.

Have the same issue: DTS-HD not working but when I turn off “DTS-HD capable receiver” it plays DTS just fine.

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Finally someone. For me it works fine when I’m playing a movie from the beginning. When I skip it won’t passthrough audio, I have to skip back and forth for it work again kind of like trial and error. Dolby TrueHD works splendid. Only problem is DTS HD MA. When it strips to core, it works just fine for me too. I guess we’re gonna have to wait for the next update

Was this issue resolved for either of you? I started a thread about the same thing a couple of weeks ago. I can still only play DTS with the “DTS-HD” button clicked to off in settings, otherwise there is no sound. True HD is fine.

DTS-HD was working for me on an Nvidia Shield with MrMC as the player, so I am struggling to figure out why I am unable to get it working on Coreelec.

Is there an older version of Coreelec to downgrade to where this was functioning properly?

For me it’s still there. When I play movies, passthrough is detected and no problems there but when I skip, no sound and no signal in the av receiver. Tried it with VLC on my PC and no problems there, AV receiver is fine

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