Dual boot Android and CoreELEC on Tanix tx3 mini H 2gb/16gb s905w

Is it possible to dual boot these two OS’s on this box? Android is on emmc, CE 9.2.1 is on sd card. Android is bootable only if sd card is plugged out. Once the card is plugged in it will always boot from it. In earlier versions (if I remember correctly) there was a shutdown option called “Reboot to NAND/emmc” or something like that. It never worked. Always rebooted right back to CE. Since I updated to 9.2.1. even the menu option is gone, only have “reboot” and “reboot kodi”.
Since Android is already in there it would be nice to be usable. Although that OS is trashy, Youtube app is kinda nice and gives much better experience than Youtube Kodi addon.
I fear if I use it this way, plugging in and out every day, that sd slot locking mechanism will break quickly.

Which skin are you using?

Default one, called Estuary (I think). Changed the color theme only to classic (blue) Installed CoreELEC-Amlogic.arm-9.2.1-Generic.img.gz few days ago just to start fresh but the option to reboot to internal isn’t there. Flashed original firmware too that day through USB burning tool.

I don’t know why you have opened another thread on this issue, you can’t see the option because your NAND/eMMC is not visible and so the necessary boot flag can not be set, hence the option does nothing for you in previous versions.

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