Dual boot coreelec/android?

I would like the ability to enable a boot screen when switching on the android box with 2 large buttons to appear on the screen, 1 to boot into coreelec (stored on sd card) and 1 to boot into android. Windows/linux have a similar dual boot thing whereby you have 5 seconds to choose which to boot, that would be very handy instead of having to remove the sd card to boot in to android.

This is something, which needs to be added to the uboot of your device instead (which needs a lot of knowledge about the internals of your device and compiling/flashing your own uboot).
For example Wetek added the ability to press the power button during the boot process to switch between internal NAND and sd card on their devices.

We have “Boot from NAND/eMMC” in Power off menu.
Doesn’t it do the job?