Dual booting - how to switch?


Just bought a Beelink GT1 Ultimate and Samsung Evo plus 32gb SD card… Should arrive by Friday. Never had a box before, but decided to upgrade and downsize my tired old PC HTPC.

Saw some videos about dual booting, but all seem to miss the “switch” aspect of a dual boot.

Put the SD card in, press the reset, put in the power and now it boots off the SD card instead of the internal memory, but how do I switch back and forth? Do I pull the SD card and boot up, then to go back, put it in and hold the reset again? Or is there an app?

I’ll probably have more questions when I try doing it, but right now trying to figure this out. I suspect my next question will be which dtb to use. :slight_smile:


You have Reboot to Internal option in the shutdown menu. That should reboot the box back into Android.
Rebooting in Android will boot back into CE.


Luckily, grabbed the right files I think and got CoreElec working on the first attempt… well… excluding the 4 failed ones because the reset button is so small the paperclip kept slipping off when plugging in the power.

I have a Rii mini keyboard that worked, luckily… because once into the android box running CoreElec, the Beelink remote quit working, even for shutdown. :unamused:


Did you try the configuration from CoreELEC 9.0.x Remote files
The GT1 is in the zip file I dont know if it is the same as the ultimate. Does your TV remote not work in kodi?

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