Dual booting - how to switch?

Just bought a Beelink GT1 Ultimate and Samsung Evo plus 32gb SD card… Should arrive by Friday. Never had a box before, but decided to upgrade and downsize my tired old PC HTPC.

Saw some videos about dual booting, but all seem to miss the “switch” aspect of a dual boot.

Put the SD card in, press the reset, put in the power and now it boots off the SD card instead of the internal memory, but how do I switch back and forth? Do I pull the SD card and boot up, then to go back, put it in and hold the reset again? Or is there an app?

I’ll probably have more questions when I try doing it, but right now trying to figure this out. I suspect my next question will be which dtb to use. :slight_smile:

You have Reboot to Internal option in the shutdown menu. That should reboot the box back into Android.
Rebooting in Android will boot back into CE.

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Luckily, grabbed the right files I think and got CoreElec working on the first attempt… well… excluding the 4 failed ones because the reset button is so small the paperclip kept slipping off when plugging in the power.

I have a Rii mini keyboard that worked, luckily… because once into the android box running CoreElec, the Beelink remote quit working, even for shutdown. :unamused:

Did you try the configuration from NEW Repo for Remote files (Thanks to Betatester)
The GT1 is in the zip file I dont know if it is the same as the ultimate. Does your TV remote not work in kodi?

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