Duplicate albums

Hey guys (and girls),

Somehow, Kodi is showing all my albums of (my super organized) library duplicated.

How can I fix it?

I mean, it should be just a matter of refreshing the library, but everything in Kodi is so convoluted…I mean, there’re at least four different ways to go into settings, and each one of them leads to different settings…And so on…

Honestly, I have no idea why the people behind Kodi won’t organize all settings under a single “settings” tab…

But I digress…Could you help me to fix this duplicate album situation?

Thanks SO much! :cold_face:



Do you have two music libraries configured (pointing to the same path)?
Or did you change the path of your music library recently?
I think your best choice would be to completely clear your music db (delete the music library in “Settings > Media”) and let Kodi perform a fresh scan after adding the library again.

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Funny enough, that happened to me as well yesterday. It wasn’t fixed by running a Clean Library, either. The only recent PR that could have brought this on IMHO is DaveBlake’s sort artist fix. I bit the bullet, dropped the music library in my SQL database and started scraping from zero. That fixed it but of course I lost all my ratings and played status.

Anyway, here is the wrong space to complain about it, should be done over at the Kodi forum in the music section.

Or it could be the URL encode bug in spiff’s VFS add-on. Anyway, I started scraping my albums this morning after installing the latest nightly on Windows (KodiSetup-20181027-ace36f69) and my previously scraped albums are detected as unscapred AGAIN. Maybe that is the fix already, maybe it’s another problem…

EDIT: Yup, sure enough albums are doubled again for me.

@Morguito Don’t drop your database yet, check if this nightly fixes your problem by running Clean Library

Hey guys,

Yep, cleaning the library did the trick to me.

Anyway, this problem started after I had to add /var/media as a source in order for my allbums thumbnails show up at Kore. It solved the thumbnails problem, but everything turned out duplicated.

So, removing all sources, doing a re-scan and then cleaning the library worked.