Dvb-latest update

It’s been a while since dvb-Latest drivers were updated. Unfortunately the team member that usually handles DVB stuff hasn’t been around in a while so the rest of us are slowly working our way up a bit of a steep learning curve when it comes to maintaining some of DVB stuff.

Here is a first attempt at updating the drivers. Hopefully it fixes some stuff for people that are having issues without creating any problems for those that have everything working already.

For Amlogic-ng devices on the 4.9 kernel:

For the older Amlogic devices on the 3.14 kernel:

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I’ll give both a try on my working systems and see what happens.

In terms of the kind of work required to keep them updated, is it a highly technical process or perhaps something that a few users with the right kind of knowledge can chip in and assist with?

It’s just a little complicated, and this is made a bit worse by lack of documentation. It should be manageable once a couple of us figure out what is actually happening with this stuff.

The main thing that is needed is help testing. Since I don’t have any of the devices potentially effected by making changes to dvb-latest or other dvb related stuff. It’s also not practical for me to try to get devices to test with since I’m in North America and it is all ATSC here, so can’t really test the various DVB standards that most of the users would be using.

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This topic was great because it came to me the moment I identified a problem.
I have dvb-s in my KI pro, all channels work perfectly, with the exception of 2 channels that have pixelations appear in some squares (only in two channels)
In the old kernel it works fine!
Sometimes I miss the sound. (Audio disappears)
I have a problem with CEC if I am using KI Pro on port 1 HDMI and switch to port 2 HDMI video game without disconnecting the box, it keeps going back to port 1 HDMI.
I tested this version had no effect!
What else can I do to help? (video, logs) tell me how to help.

Just tested the build with your patch - as expected, it did not help with usb3 of S922X with WinTV-dualHD tuner. But when used with usb2otg port of gt-king pro, it seems to work the same as with previous version of dvb-latest or crazy cat drivers - both worked before and work with the new dvb-latest too.
The first time I tried the new build only one of the two tuners somehow worked. But after another try both worked ok. I think this happened to me also with the previous drivers, but cannot say for sure.
There is only something with ‘videodev’ as there is a backtrace in kernel log, but I am not sure why, some warning.
I could stream play to PC 9 dvb-t2 channels simultaneously from two different multiplexes with usb2 port, so no change here.

Will run it for a few days on DVB-T/T2 and see how things run.

As far as use with X-Box tuners is concerned I can identify no issues.

I can identify and improvement though.

A while back I had noticed that when switching between OTA DVB-T/T2 channels the time taken to switch was slower than it used to be.

With this dev release it is back to being snappier to make the change.

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