DVB S2 tuner avl62x1 tv headend scan problem

I have an android STB with an internal dvb-s2 tuner ( avl6221 ). To get the dvb driver I followed this link: GitHub - availink/amlogic_meson_dvb4linux: Availink demod (and tuner) Linux drivers for Amlogic Meson SoC to build the coreelec image with the driver. I run modprobe aml_fe_avl62x1_av201x to load the dvb firmware and after that I disable and enable tvheadend for it to detect the tuner. When I scan the muxes with the tvheadend, it failed to get the channels. When scanning active muxes, the SNR and signal strength detect. I don’t know if the problem is from the dtb file or the tuner driver. Please kindly try and help me solve the problem. I will be very glad if someone helps me. Here are the logs and dtb files I have converted to dts.
android dmesg.txt (217.7 KB)
android.dts (54.3 KB)
coreelec.dts (51.0 KB)
dmesg after modprobe.txt (73.3 KB)
grep dvb after modprobe.txt (1.3 KB)

tvheadend log.txt (2.3 KB)

I am not absolutely certain that what i am going to say applies to your case but this ground has been gone over many times before.
These cheap internal tuners have a chip which can feed the demuxed signal to the tuner in one of two ways, single lane serial or multi-lane parallel. The standard Linux driver is configured to use the parallel interface but some of the manufacturers (khadas to name one) chose to go single lane serial. The Linux driver simply doesn’t work with the serial interface and does exactly what you describe - never tunes the muxes.
We once had a developer who worked on this problem and got the standard linux driver to work with the serial interface - but he went silent two years ago.

This whole area is a minefield and there are very few people with the expertise to reverse engineer the closed source manufacturer drivers. The manufacturers and chip developers produce one driver and then abandon all further development, they never release open source drivers. CE have made an executive decision that they will not support these obscure cheap chipsets as it is a total resource sucker. LinuxTV (the linux project which supports dvb hardware) is a dying project as all the tech-geeks who devoted their time to getting sat hardware working now realize that IPTV does everything better if you have a half decent broadband connection.

It is now standard practice for the CE team to only recommend the standards based SAT > IP hardware.


Sorry, I didn’t know that Coreelec team concentrates on the rich people. My suggestions is since not everyone is rich to get expensive sat>ip or STBs with dvb s2 tuners, Coreelec team should support atleast one of these STBs that you called cheap to help those who can’t afford expensive sat>ip or STBs with dvb s2 tuners. And you can even recommend them and give reference links to the stores (amazon, aliexpress, etc) so that you get commission.
In fact, I love coreelec and it hurts me that its picking the internal tuner.


Reply to Portisch
Please why is my topic closed? Its like I can’t reply from the topic anymore thats why I am replying here as edit.
Portish I didn’t say you should support every STB with internal tuner. I said you can support may be one affordable STB with internal dvb s2 tuner in every 2 or 3 or 4 years.
Also it will take someones whole annual salary to get one SAT>IP system.
In fact streaming has not replaced DVB, may be only in advanced and developed countries.
I wish I am a developer. I don’t know how long it will take me if I want to be one from now. I just feel like I should develop my own.

DVB is EOL. Every “vendor” implement his own special solution without open source and schematic.
So all needs to be reversed from scratch for every new device. This is not possible when every 4 weeks a new device come up in market or the device will exchange components because of availability issues.
On the end the device will go away again in 1 year. It just make no sense.

Invest one time in a SAT>IP system and you can use any client hardware what you want.
Just as hint, my SAT>IP system runs now with quad LNB for up to 8 streams in parallel for 8 years - without any issues and “Out-of-the-box”. And all this without a need for a person to hack the device.

Discuss about DVB is wasted time. Streaming replaced already DVB.

And CoreELEC does not need to support any of the DTB devices. We do not concentrate on rich people, we are focused on high quality products, not such X… devices what randomly appear and disappear on the market.


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