DVB-S2 Tuner

Please, suggest to me how to install/enable the DVB-S2 tuner in coreELEC.

Which one and how do you intend to access it ?


My STB is connected to satellite dish. I wish to tune the satellite channel frequency for streaming.
but i have only one adapter card (dvb-T) now.(/dev/dvb/adapter0).
I am confusing about dvb tuners.How can i add DVB-S2 tuner driver in Amlogic S905D(coreELEC).

There is a plugging called Coreelec DVB-Modules, this allows you to select one of three different groups of drivers and test if your tuner is recognised. Try each type.
You will need something like TVheadend server (also an addon) to access that card.

If none of the module groups recognised your tuner then your hardware is not supported and will not work.


This is (Coreelec DVB-Modules ) default one?

I can’t find this module in CoreELEC repository.

Under Program addons there should be an addon called CoreELEC Module Drivers.
I believe it comes preinstalled with CoreELEC as I have never had to install it.


could you please tell me the exact path?

It is installed by default on CoreElec 9.2.x and should just be listed in the Programs section of installed addons.
It needs to be installed if you are running Matrix, you go into settings >addons>install from repository>CoreElec Repository>CoreElec Modules.


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