DVB tuner not working properly

Just installed CoreELEC 8.90.2 to my RTV Box S10 (S912) and tried to use it with my DVB tune Technisat SkyStar USB HD to watch live TV, then Iv got a problem: the DVB tuner tunes normaly but get no data in return.

I used dmesg to see whats going on and this what Iv found

[	920.382530@6] xhci-hcd xhci-hcd.0.auto: Ring expansion failed
[	920.382550@6] dvb-usb: could not submit URB no. 3 - get them all back


  • The DVB tuner works only (tunes) with crazycat drivers.
  • In AlexElex distro with crazycat drivers the DVB tuner works properly without any problem.

So please if any one have any idea about the solution to this problem.
Hope it will be soon.
THANKS :slight_smile:

Please use correct method to post logs.
Screenshots is not one of them.
# dmesg | paste

Correction done :slight_smile:
Hope to get any solution soon.