Dvblast - Shared library

I tried to run my dvblast binary in corelec . While I was running , it depends “libev” file.
If I link the library I will get some internal error.
error while loading shared libraries: /storage/library/libev.so.4: internal error
How do link the library path??

How do you run dvblast ? And where did you get it?
And what is inside library folder?

ls -l /storage/library

Maybe this could help

LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/storage/library dvblast

Hi , by default in kodi the dvblast application binary is there. But my requirement is , If i did some modification in dvblast source code then have to compile and run in coreelec. I compiled this source code for arm processor . while i run this code in my STB , then i was not able to run . Because of library linking error.
Below files are there,
Inside the /storage/library/

Then just build the dvb tools addon in CoreELEC and use install it from zip.


While i try to tuning my channel, I am getting below error.
error: opening device /dev/dvb/adapter0/frontend0 failed (Device or resource busy)

Do you have 2 instances of dvblast running?

Post url you get

ps | paste

And which dvblast you are using? As CoreELEC addon or something copied.


You have tvheadend running which already occupies tuner. You can’t have 2 applications using same tuner device.

Yes, understood. I have one more doubt, If I want one more tuner(DVB-S2) then have to install some packages?
For example , I have one adapter device(/dev/dvb/adapter0).This is tuned with DVB-T2.
Now, I need to tune my frequency for DVB-S2.
Could, you please give me a suggestion?

Just add another tuner and use both in tvheadend.

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