DVBSky S960 on N2, no signal

I’ve tried several crazycat drivers, but tvheadend says “no signal”. With the rockpro, works without problems. On N2, red led stays off. Maybe the LNB has no voltage?

I do not know why, but I compiled the latest version, deactivated the crazycat drivers and now it works fine.


Just to add another issue with CE 9.0.1 with the same card.
After a few jump over channels it stops worknig with number of following messages in dmesg:

dvb_frontend: dvb_frontend_get_frequency_limits: frequency interval: tuner
: 950000000…2150000000, frontend: 950000000…2150000000dvb_frontend: dvb_frontend_get_fre
quency_limits: frequency interval: tuner: 950000000…2150000000, frontend: 950000000…2150

Here was no such issues in old Raybuntu 8.x versions.
I’ve already tried both CrazyCats, Coreelec default and kernel-DVB drivers with more-less the same results.