Easy-to-use UI for average users

Hi guys! New user here, just went aboard the the Odroid family with a C4.
I’m setting up the C4 for my SO’s parents as a basic multimedia player.
It won’t manage a local library but only streaming services, and I’m having some troubles on making it simple for them: they’re not tech savvy, they’d need big buttons launching like Netflix, YT, documentaries etc etc.
I’m completely new in Coreelec and Kodi, and I don’t know how to achieve that.

I’ve installed some add-ons but that’s it. I don’t find it easy to configure the main page, and the video quality while streaming is stuck to the lowest available don’t know why.

I think a quick solution, which could be OK for my SO’s parents, would be to just have a browser opening at startup with favourites pinned. This should be the last option.

How can I set up and easy-to-use streaming box? Is Coreelec any good, actually? Thanks a lot guys!

I’ll probably get flamed for this but if all you’re interested in is streaming services then any version of Kodi, CoreELEC included, would be the last thing I would recommend. Don’t get me wrong, I love Kodi and CoreELEC for local media library playback, but for streaming services only there are just better options.

Something like a Google Chromecast with Google TV would get you all the major streaming services at the touch of a button with zero maintenance in the future.

Streaming service add-ons for Kodi tend to break easily and need to be updated, often times requiring a certain level of technical knowledge.


Much better solution for streaming Netflix, YouTube, Prime Video and so on, in full resolution and quality is “Firestick 4K Max” stick. And it costs less that Odroid C4 which is really targeted for developers and tech savvy individuals. It’s perfect as a media player, but not very good as a streaming solution.

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I think everyone, no matter how much they love Kodi for general media centre use, would acknowledge it’s not at all a great platform for streaming services, even with a lot of tweaking.

Both the options mentioned above are good, but the Apple TV (and honestly, I loathe Apple generally) - is also definitely worth considering and a great solution for the elderly parents etc. of this world. More expensive than the others mentioned above, but pretty much a seamless and very very easy to use solution, and supports all the stuff you want these players to support (frame rate switching, 4k, all the HDR and audio flavours etc.)

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