EasyCap STK1160 Video Grabber for Odroid C2

I‘m currently using LibreElec with Hyperion on my Odroid C2. I have an EasyCap USB Grabber that uses the STK1160 kernel driver. I would like to switch to CoreElec but the driver isn’t enabled for the Odroid C2 build. The driver has been enabled in LibreElec long ago. Any chance to get it enabled on CoreELEC?

Can you tell me the correct config item what is missing? Then I can make you a test build.

Internal grabber isn’t enough?

The Hyperion slow down issue on CoreELEC was fixed a long time ago but it was never ported to Libreelec.

The kernel config options are:

CONFIG_VIDEO_STK1160_AC97 is not set


Thank you, I will try if it can be enabled.

@onestone please try this image if your USB tuner is working:


@Portisch thx, but I can’t test it. It’s a build for Amlogic-ng (Odroid C4 …) but for my Odroid C2 i need an old Amlogic build.

Sorry, here the Amlogic version with the analog TV tuner enabled @onestone:

@Portisch your build works great. Thank you very much.
Will the change make it to the next official release too?

I am not sure if we implement this.
Analog video is really rare already.

You are the first for years requested such support :shushing_face:

You’re right about regular analog video, but Ambilight with Hyperion and an analog grabber is pretty common.
Just asking because the driver is already enabled for Allwinner, RPi, Rockchip and Generic.

Please try again with last nightly. The driver should now be included, thanks.

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Thank you.

I am Interested in this, too.
Is it possible to use it as Video input, for playback too?
Use case is:
Play original N64 Console on new TV which has no CVBS input.

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