Editing advanced settings?

I am not too familiar with Linux, currently am running an Odroid N2 with Coreelec. When seeking to change things like
keyboard.xml would the best method (for a windows guy) be to plug in the emmc to my PC and make the changes from there?

I am uncertain if these files are writable from there. Thought I would ask before I went and broke something.

You can access the shared folders CoreELEC creates from Windows, and edit the file using something like Notepad++.

Oh nice thanks man. That’s great.

On Windows machine I do it the simple way; copy needed .xml file to an USB drive (via Kodi File Manager) connect that USB drive to the Windows and edit it with Notepad++. Then simply copy it back to proper place.
Usually I rename the original .xml to .xml.ori (again via Kodi File Manager) just in case something does not work as intended…

How is that simpler? :slight_smile:

Wot I rote on the kodi forum:
The methods would be identical to those for libreelec or openelec.
Easiest way is to open an explorer window and type “\\CoreELEC” in the address bar. You’ll hopefully see a bunch of shares pop up, one of which is userdata.
Advancedsettings.xml is in there, you can open it in a text editor (Notepad++ is a good choice) and edit it from your pc.

You won’t see any of those files if you connect to a windows pc via usb, as they’re on an ext4 partition and windows can’t read that.

Don’t have to carry my PC (quite a heavy machine :slight_smile: and connect it to the router to which the box is connected, in another house :wink:

That’s why I copy needed files to USB with Kodi File Manager :wink:

Excellent, thank you that is very helpful.

Sure. I wasn’t criticising your method, just saying how I do it.
Saying that though, sticking a usb drive in one of my boxes would be a major operation involving much swearing :wink:


this is the Folder, same as LibreELEC in: