Editing files from another system

On my Win10 under network I don’t see my android box, but on my tablet I do… When I click on it to view the files it asks for username and password but no idea which one. Tried root/coreelec with no luck. Quite a few options with names/passwords in coreelec… Samba, ssh, proxy server, etc… No idea which it would be.

I’d like access from my PC but tablet sees the media player.

Basically trying to access and edit userdata/addon_data/plugin.video.youtube/api_keys.json so I cen get YouTube logged in again.

Any idea what I need to enable and what name/password it’s asking for?

I use coreftp lite to access my CE files. I assume you enabled ssh at the initial setup.

Default password via coreftp lite is coreelec

Nope, no idea what ssh is and in 4-5yrs never used it since I’ve always left disabled.

I enabled it, rebooted, and on my tablet tried to access the system over network using root/coreelec and still access denied.

Tried another app and network access also failed but this app has ftp as an option which did work.

So ftp works but how can I just browse files? I know on my tablet I can browse a shared folder in Win10 on my PC, I have my Download folder setup as a share.

That looks like ftp again, not network browsing files.

Well all I can say is, by connecting using coreftp lite, from my win 10 pc, I can browse, copy & delete files from my Coreelec device over my home network.

You can use a lot of protocols(FTP, SFTP, SMB/CIFS, NFS, SCP)

@THRobinson, try https://www.nsoftware.com/sftp/drive/

This allows you to map your CoreELEC file system to a standard Windows Drive letter and then you can access it directly from Windows file explorer just like you’re accessing any standard drive on you PC, it’s uses the same protocol, sftp, but gives you a much easier Windows like experience.

Oh well… figured out another way to do what I needed done.

Just thought a quick/easy way to enable a setting and done. I know when I setup a RaspPi with RetroPie, I didn’t have to do anything. On Win10, I’d open up My Computer, it shows all my drives and on the left side I clicked Network at the bottom, after scanning the RetroPie simply showed up. Click on it and I could see all the files/folders.

Was no FTP software needed or anything else.

I also have my NAS mapped as a network drive. No special software installed.

Was hoping for something simple like that. Ah well. I got what I needed done. :slight_smile:

I don´t need special software
Windows explorer is working well

Please tell us how you solved this, to help others in the future.

Well, all the problem was with the YouTube add-on and login no longer working. Needed to create some sorta API thing and add in really long ID/Codes which was hard with a remote control.

Looks like in the add-on itself, it had some sorta http remote option you could enable and then enter the info through a web browser on the same network. Then I was able to cop/paste the info over.

Sorry, not too detailed. I’m not really into this stuff… I just wanna watch videos so I know the basics and that’s about it. Which is why stuff like SSH, SAMBA, etc… no real clue about, just a vague idea.

Don´t forget
It´s a DIY system

I’ve been using KODI for 5yrs… I’m aware of what it is.