EgoIggo S95x NIghtly 2019-06-21 OK

Hello dear all

Just to share my experience with coreelec and EgoIggo S95x 1G/8G (not the pro version)
Based on S905x and using dtb gxl_p212_1G
I have never succeed booting it with the stable image (9.0.2)
It boots but hangs with annoying debugger message.
But i just managed to have the nighty buil 2019-06-21 on a SD-Card
It booted and resized the SD. Reboot. It hung with S905x logo.
I disconnected/reconnected AC plus and CoreElec eventually booted.
I am very happy … I can now benefit of latest Kodi

Great job to the community
Long lives CoreElec

Just to add, everything works out of the box (generic nightly build)
I installed the lastest CE addon simple IPTV and configured it.
All fine IPTV is now much stable than with LE.

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I have an EgoIggo S95X Pro and never had any problems with stable
versions (9.0.1, 9.0.2) or nightly CE-versions, all running from a SD-card.

Hi Pepeq,
Mine is not a pro one, just a simple s95x.
I was annoyed because CE stable version was supposed to work.
But it never and i am happy to see the nightly build works. Maybe some slight hardware differences.
I was posting just for whom exerienced the same than me with stable version.

With stable, when booting, it hangs with CE logo and a sentence saying to connect the debugger (or something of the same kind) I tried several dtb for it without success.
But now it’s over :stuck_out_tongue: