Embedded Plex (Client)- ONDROID-N2


I’m looking into an ONDROID-N2 and want to know if it’s possible to run an embedded Plex client and have it automatically start the Plex client after boot up. I’m trying to stay away from Kodi if I can. I’d like it to boot into Plex client so that my 9 year olds can turn it on, and pick something they want to watch, without having to set it up for them every time. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

You can use the Plex official add-on (Kodi repository/Video) or PlexKodiConnect (https://github.com/croneter/PlexKodiConnect), Plex uses their own look, PKC uses the Kodi look. You can enable to start Plex add-on automatically and everything is as in other Plex applications.

This method is utilizing Kodi if I’m not mistaken though right?

Is it possible to not use Kodi and directly boot to Plex client?

2 reasons I’m trying to accomplish this:

1- my 9 year olds don’t know how to use Kodi - they are uncomfortable using it. They are familiar with the Plex client and prefer that instead of Kodi.

2- Kodi library tends to scan completely at first, then if it’s closed and started again it only detects roughly half of my library resulting in a lot less selectable content. I’ve double checked Plex and everything is there and accessable via files, and the Plex client. I’ve redone all of Kodi from uninstall reinstall and new settings etc and the problem persists, so I’m trying to remove that from being used.

Any help in trying to accomplish this would be greatly appreciated.


Both addons suggested by Blakey are using your Plex library instead of performing an own library scan.
The official Plex for Kodi addon is essentially a Plex Player on top of Kodi. It just uses the excellent video player from Kodi - everything else looks like a native Plex client.
You can even configure it to start automatically when Kodi starts, so you won’t see the Kodi GUI.

If you are looking for a solution, which doesn’t involve Kodi at all, I’m sorry to say, that you are in the wrong forum, because CoreELEC’s focus is running Kodi on Amlogic devices.

Thanks for the clarification, I did not know that the native Plex for Kodi app utilized Plex sources itself and not kodi’s.

I was thinking of running Ubuntu Linux and having the Plex app start automatically, however if what you’re saying is correct, I’ll do it that way instead. :grin::grin::grin:

CoreELEC is a minimal OS for Kodi, you can’t miss to use Kodi, but it’s easy both methods, run CE and install the add-on, launch Plex Kodi Add-on and link Plex account with Kodi Add-on by using Plex Web site and code provided. That’s all.

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Wow I’m so grateful for the quick replies and awesome help you all have provided! I’ll try this out soon as I get the opportunity :grin: again thank you so much! I will update everyone soon as I get my hands on it and have a go!

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Official plex client for Kodi has a check box to auto launch when Kodi does, you’re kids will only see Kodi for a second or so at boot up and then it’s all plex client.