"Embicon Addon Enabled" Screensaver Stops TVHeadend Radio Playback

I just spent the last half hour trying to find what was causing TVHeadend Client Live Radio Playback STOPPING when Screensaver Kicked In.
Posting here to make others aware.
“Enabled By DEFAULT” this addon has, in its settings , under Events Tab, Stop Media on screensaver activation Enabled. “DISABLE IT”
This causes the issue , LOOK BELOW .

Hi, I have just installed Coreelec 9 on a Sammix R95S device. In general it´s running very smooth, great job.
There is just one big problem: If I´m playing a weg-radio stream (using the Radio addon) or a CD from the library, after a short time playing stops.
I also noticed, that if I start TV using tvheadend client, cu-lyrics addon starts which I never noticed on earlier versins before.
I´m running Rapier as the skin with all it´s addons enabled.
I noticed, that the artwork-downloder addon is marked as “defekt” in addon´s browser list.

Here you might have a look at the debug log.

Thanx for each help!

Maybe something to do with another addon.

EDIT: Just looked at your LOG

1. 01:00:21.429 T:4088652576 NOTICE: ADDON: plugin.video.embycon v1.7.20 installed

I had the same problem.