Embuary Running under CoreELEC

I have used Kodi (XBMC) for years, and it plays everything, even on low powered devices. However, I have become addicted to the Emby interface, but Emby does NOT play very well on these low powered device.

Along comes Saulfred from the Emby forum, and created an Emby skin for Kodi. Sooo, using that skin on CoreELEC is the best of both worlds.

I was tempted to acquire the Odroid N2, but since there is NO Android TV OS available for it, I could not use it, because Emby only works good on a Google certified Android box running the OFFICIAL Android TV OS. Now, that I have tested and used the Embuary skin on a very low powered, Beelink MX3, and see that it satisfies my desires for a box that could run Emby flawlessly, I can now consider the N2.

I made a video showing what it looks like and how to install it, under CoreELEC.

Nice… :slight_smile:
I think that you should clean up the video a bit, I think you repeat section from 0:34 to 2:08 min.

I just wanted to show that I don’t need a device running the Android TV OS and the Emby client. Now I can consider the Odroid N2, which will work perfectly for my needs.

I have an Nvidia shield, among a lot of other devices, but I like to tinker.

May order the N2 before the week is out.

I like to tinker too, but also need a dependable device for my daily driver which is still an X92 box. N2 is is nearly there to fulfill my daily needs, but not completely there yet…, expect it to be soon.
Got myself a decent USB WiFi AC adapter, and a small Oled display to make it similar to X92 in that department.