EMMC errors in log file

I am seeing these kind of entries in the kernel log.
Does this mean that the EMMC card is failing ?
It’s an Odroid C2 with official 16gb EMMC card from Hardkernel.

[ 31.202631@0] [aml_sd_emmc_irq] emmc: warning… response crc,vstat:0xe1ff0400,virqc:3fff
[ 31.202648@0] [aml_host_bus_fsm_show] emmc: err: wait for irq service, bus_fsm:0x8
[ 31.202666@0] aml_sd_emmc_data_thread 2639 emmc: cmd:18
[ 31.202672@0] [aml_sd_emmc_data_thread] aml_sd_emmc_data_thread() 2655: set 1st retry!
[ 31.202677@0] [aml_sd_emmc_data_thread] retry cmd 18 the 10-th time(s)
[ 31.202682@0] emmc, 10 retry, adj 0 -> 1
[ 31.202703@0] aml_sd_emmc_data_thread : 2586
[ 31.202709@0] emmc: req failed (CMD18): -84, retrying…

Please post in the correct subcategory for Hardware Issues and not General.

Are you having write issues?

Hi adamg, I don’t know if it’s a HW issue or not, I saw some retry-s on the emmc, and thought I ask what this covers.
The log says that req. has failed, it doesn’t say about any sd: I/O errors.
If the HW section is more appropriate, it’s ok to move it there from my side.