eMPIA Technology DVB Key

i’m quite newbie at Coreelec.
I install 9.2.1 in X96 (S905x) TV Box.
It works well, but now want to add my USB DVB stick.
I installed from Coreelec repo Tvheadend server and DVB tools.
I put the usb key but no device is show in Tvheadend config page.
lsusb show me:
Bus 001 Device 004: ID eb1a:2881 eMPIA Technology, Inc. EM2881 Video Controller

this is dmesg log:

there are some error.
Anyone can help?

Thanks in advance

Try installing CoreELEC Module Drivers addon (check which of the three available driver packages suits your hardware).

Hello, thanks for prompt reply.
I installed one of the driver module and I was able to see the adapter and find channels. But all channels found are very poor quality or no signal at all so I tried all the other dvb driver module, but scan never find channels. Maybe in my area the signal is poor and USB dvb are not enough sensibility? (TV works well but signal is low)

The power supply of the TV Boxes is small, try connecting your DVB stick to a USB 3.0 hub with independent power source (USB 3.0 hubs are much faster responding than USB 2.0 hubs).

I haven’t any usb hub. I’ve tried with a splitted USB cable with cell phone power supply but it is the same. I always get 23-25%strength in all mux. During testing with this cable I have strange behavior like stick not detected by tvheadend but seen in lsusb or everything looks OK but unable to open any channel. For the moment I give up. Maybe I’ll try with another USB stick soon.

Try to rule out that the low signal level is due to the coaxial cables and connectors. Good luck!