Emuelec doesnt show on 5/4 Monitor / Out of Range

Hello, hope you guys doing fine.
Its the first time im building a retro gaming machine, now i wanted to use a 5/4 Display with a resolution of 1280x1024x60hz. Ive tried to set it manually in the config.ini but the display wont show it. The splashscreen pops up, but after that it shows “Out of range 28.1khz / 25hz”.

Now ive tried every possible resolution, but to be honest im not even sure if i set it the right way in the config.ini, because everything ive found so far, doesnt look like my config.ini.

Im using the newest Version of Emuelec 4.5. I would be more than greatful if someone knows what to do, ive allready testetd 2 x 5/4 Displays, on my 4k tv and my wqhd display it just works fine.


In case you don’t get an answer here, you may be interested to know that the dev also has a dedicated discussion forum here.

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