Enable/disable addon via remote


Just set up a hyperion leds things behind my tv. Really only want it one when watching a movie. Not live tv etc.

Is it possible to map a remote key to enable/disable the hyperion addon?


I made such a plug, but I have to add English and descriptions to it. I will share it tomorrow. Enables on / off and toggling

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Thank you.


https://github.com/notoco/univ/tree/master/script.hyperion.switch - source code + zip to download (https://github.com/notoco/univ/raw/master/zip/script.hyperion.switch/script.hyperion.switch-2.0.zip)

<key id="250">RunScript(script.hyperion.switch,switch)</key>  - toogle hyperion on/off with one key
<key id="251">RunScript(script.hyperion.switch,off)</key>  - off
<key id="252">RunScript(script.hyperion.switch,on)</key> - on

for example in cron I use:

0 6 * * * kodi-send --action="RunScript(script.hyperion.switch,off)"
0 17 * * * kodi-send --action="RunScript(script.hyperion.switch,on)"

BTW - there is hyperion.control https://github.com/hyperion-project/hyperion.control -
these two are good companions


Thank you. Ill take a look when I finish work.

bugger,doesnt work on matrix.


aha, ok. maybe @Paulchen-Panther can check to port it for Matrix/python 3?

I don’t use matrix because it’s still an unstable version. I suspect that when it comes out, the plug will be improved.

sorry to be thick, where do i copy this to?
RunScript(script.hyperion.switch,switch) - toogle hyperion on/off with one key
RunScript(script.hyperion.switch,off) - off
RunScript(script.hyperion.switch,on) - on


of course without “- on” “- off” “- toggle”

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