Enabling hardware watchdog in systemd.conf on Odroid N2+

On occasion my Odroid halts due to unknown reason (often during retrogaming). I am looking for a better way to bring it back to life than by reinserting the power adapter.

As per odroid-n2:application_note:software:watchdog_timer [ODROID Wiki] N2/N2+ has a hardware watchdog. I am not quite sure whether /dev/watchdog and /dev/watchdog0 in CoreELEC refers to hw/sw watchdog but in any case watchdog is not available in entware and it is also impossible to edit /etc/systemd/system.conf (linux watchdog and systemd watchdog - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange) due to read-only access.

Are there any alternatives?

Thanks, j

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I think the software watchdog already runs in the background. I also have an Odroid iN2+ and somtimes it freezes completely while other times Kodi flashes twice and then restarts itself. The latter would be the software watchdog methinks, although why it would restart Kodi I cannot fathom. The operation up until that restart usually seems flawless and there is no freezing involved. Kodi never recovers from freezes, though. In my case, I would prefer the watchdog service to be toggeable (is that a word?), maybe in the CoreELEC app under services or system.

Just to clarify - I am talking about the whole system lock-up. The condition when you are not even able to SSH to the system and restart Kodi service.

Issues with Kodi are typically intercepted and handled by systemd and like you said, it’s working reliably.

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