Enabling OSD of volume change

I have a working OdroidC2 hooked up via HDMI through a receiver (a Samsung H6550-WM) to my TV. I use a logitech wireless keyboard to control Kodi, as a) it makes it easier to type e.g. search terms, and b) my actual TV remote is cheaply made, and some buttons (notably, the Up/Down/Left/Right ones) either work intermittently, or don’t work at all.

The only downside is that when I change the volume, there is no indicator on screen. Now since I’m controlling via CEC, I understand that Kodi won’t know what the current volume level is, or the min or max values that volume can take. And I’ve seen e.g. HDMI-CEC Volume OSD where the receiver/amp shows the changed volume, but I’ve tried all the settings I can find, and I cannot see anything that would make my receiver show volume on-screen when doing HDMI passthrough.

Is there any way to get Kodi/Coreelec to at least popup a “Volume increased” or “Volume decreased” indicator when the CEC commands are sent over HDMI?

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