Encrypted Physical DVD Not Playing

I’m trying to diagnose why I can’t play a physical DVD on my system. The disc is loaded, it’s added to the main menu and the play button shows. However upon clicking play the Kodi process becomes non-responsive, the kill command doesn’t even work. The Kodi logs don’t show an error.

Odroid C2
CoreElec 9.0.3

What I’ve noticed so far is this is an encrypted disc. Checking the ~/.dvdcss folder shows no keys being created for the disc. There are keys in that folder for other discs, but nothing recent. If I put the same disc in my Ubuntu desktop I get keys in the ~/.dvdcss folder created.

Playing a DVD image (ISO) across SMB seems to fail as well, but it at least created keys.

Thoughts on what else to check or try?

I mentioned this also. Playing a dvd iso fails on my c2/9.0.3 as well as N2 nightly. I was getting a blank main menu screen that if I hit enter as soon as it displayed a highlight over the selection (but otherwise black) then it would at least play the movie. Lately though about 6 seconds after the screen blanks for the menu it crashes(segfaults) and returns the kodi menu. And the enter trick fails.

I submitted logs a couple of days ago.

Turns out the ISOs do work, but exactly how you describe.

Physical DVDs though do not work at all. Complete UI lockup.

I would consider this a major regression.
Haven’t played a physical DVD or DVD .iso in a while, but I will hook up a player and do some tests as well when time permits.

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