End of support for N2+ with the release of CoreElec 20?

Did I read the announcement for CoreElec 20.0 correctly? Is N2+ (with S922X chipset) going to be unsupported in the future?

Most probably as i understand it, as there is no support from amlogic to progress.
However, i think it will receive Kodi 21, so that should give us an extra couple of years for this chipset.

EOSD is not equal EOL.

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It is not a big issue if N2 will not receive updates. The hardware on N2+ can only do so much. I want to let HardKernel know they should be developing N3. I would love N3 to have native support for AV1 hardware decoding or even more. I love my N2, it is the perfect media player with CoreElec.

Certainly is!

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Hi - long story short, is 19.5 the last CE version for this? My box has been stuck on 19.5 with no new updates flagged for a long time.

Long story - about 18m ago I did a fair amount of research for a quality CE box and the N2+ seemed to have all the recommendations. Apart from some BT h/w support issues and some juddering movies (still no idea what that issue is ) it’s been fine. But after noticing the lack of updates flagged for some time whilst using CE and with quite a break from checking the forums and CE pages I checked and the Install guide now says CE 20.2 is stable and some stuff about amlogic-ne and -ng with no explanation of what these new terms are. The N2+ is a Amlogic S922X but that is not referenced anywhere that I can see apart from coreelec:odroid [CoreELEC Wiki] which says it is supported but nothing about s/w releases.
Have things moved on so much in a year that these boxes are now legacy?

CE doesn’t really offer the major upgrades directly, just the point ones, so 19.x for you.

To go up to the next stable version (works very well on N2/+) - you’ll want the update to 20.2 in the form of amlogic-ng

(That said, they would recommend a clean install over an upgrade for sure)

You can get this via Download on the front page.