End of support for N2+ with the release of CoreElec 20?

Did I read the announcement for CoreElec 20.0 correctly? Is N2+ (with S922X chipset) going to be unsupported in the future?

Most probably as i understand it, as there is no support from amlogic to progress.
However, i think it will receive Kodi 21, so that should give us an extra couple of years for this chipset.

EOSD is not equal EOL.

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It is not a big issue if N2 will not receive updates. The hardware on N2+ can only do so much. I want to let HardKernel know they should be developing N3. I would love N3 to have native support for AV1 hardware decoding or even more. I love my N2, it is the perfect media player with CoreElec.

Certainly is!

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