Enter Network Credentials ? HUH?

Had a shortcut set on my pc to my CE External drive, so i can just click it and copy files across.

Today i click on it and i get a dialog box popup and say

Enter Network Credentials


Huh what have you changed?

Maybe win 10 update smbv3? https://www.tenforums.com/windows-10-news/152045-microsoft-guidance-disabling-smbv3-compression-windows-10-a.html
There was a serious leak in it…

Bloody windows!!

Never ever got SMB to work on it in my life.

SMB is working, I can confirm.
Sometimes it´s only user problem :upside_down_face:

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Yeah its never worked for me, so i dont bother with it, i just use upnp

I’m getting the same thing lately and I don’t have a single windows machine on my network.

you can use (NFS SERVER) in windows 10

Use WinSCP for copying content from your Win 10 to external drive attached to your CE device.
There is Synchronize action available which allow you to easy sync files from your local Win 10 drive to /media/your-drive-attached-to-CE-device/

Sometimes i like to play files from my pc drive though, ill stick with upnp as it never fails, smb can go to hell to be frank, bollox.

Normally you just enter anything for the the username and password and it logs on. Windows now requires a username and password to be secure even if that username and password isn’t even real.