Entware - News

entware - News

Today (or yesterday) the third entware update of this year has appeared including version aarch64-k3.10 for our CoreELEC.

To update all entware services, enter CoreELEC with SSH and execute:

opkg update
opkg upgrade

Remember: To install entware run: installentware


After running those two commands I get the following errors:

Collected errors:
 * check_data_file_clashes: Package python3-base wants to install file /opt/bin/python
        But that file is already provided by package  * python-base
 * check_data_file_clashes: Package python3-chardet wants to install file /opt/bin/chardetect
        But that file is already provided by package  * python-chardet
N2:~ #

Sorry I can’t help you, I don’t use entware python3, check your python3 installation. I have no problem with the updates of the following packages:

findutils - 4.7.0-2
grep - 3.4-2
htop - 3.0.1-1
ip-full - 4.4.0-10a
mariadb-client-base - 10.4.13-2
mariadb-server-base - 10.4.13-2
mc - 4.8.25-1
nfs-kernel-server - 2.5.1-1a
oscam - 1.20-r11597-1
resolveip - 2
rpcbind - 1.2.5-4
syncthing - 1.8.0-1
terminfo - 6.2-1
xupnpd - 2018-11-20-1
zerotier - 1.4.6-5

Thanks, maybe someone else can help. :grinning:

EDIT: Found solution:

opkg --force-depends remove python-chardet

opkg --force-depends remove python-base

opkg upgrade

With the entware update the syncthing 1.8.0 service no longer works, I have seen on the internet that the failure is general, for this reason I have returned to the previous version 1.6.0 of June 2020 while I study the solution to the problem.

The NFS server has also stopped working, I am tired of wasting my time with programs that do not work, I have uninstalled the entware nfs-kernel-server services and replaced nfs with other servers.

After three days a new update of the entware repository has appeared today, it seems that syncthing 1.9.0 already works again.

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