Equalizer (alsa/pulseaudio & ~/.config/)?

My bass has always been weak for some reason and as I’m about to give vfio a whirl, I tossed windows out the window a while, I setup a linux system.

While fettling before firing up some music, I found this rep with eq-settings for literately thousands of headsets. These scrolls of black magic actually worked, with both of my usbsoundcards.

However, do pulseaudio look for configs in ~/.config ? (README didn’t say much, nothing at all in fact)
If so, and since; load-module module-udev-detect, I can basically copy the few things I’ve changed and figure out a cli way to get pulseaudio to use these eq-settings.

Or, are there a alsa-equalizer way of doing things(?), settings are settings.

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