Error building "make amlpkg"


I’ve got a Jenkins pipeline to build weekly releases on latest master commit, .tar pkg builds correctly and I can install it on my development box, but make fails complaining about a missing file.

Creating Amlogic ZIP update package
cp: cannot stat '/var/lib/jenkins/workspace/coreelec/projects/Amlogic/install/update-binary': No such file or directory

Any ideas? Thanks!

We don’t use make amlpkg for any of our releases, we use make image, maybe changing the command will help.

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Solved, now the pipeline builds and install it on the device. thanks!

Do you know if is there any kind of tests I could run on the device to check the release? Would be interesting to have such a thing.

you can cat /etc/os-release for specific release information

Sorry, I didn’t explained myself correcty. I meant if there is somethig like testing video playback (different streams, video bitrates), DVB, performance tests… you name it :slight_smile: